Intelligent Systems for Animal Welfare

Program Committee
  1. Anna Zamansky
  2. Clara Mancini
  3. Suzanne Santamaria
Date: Friday 4th April Website: Description:
The boundaries between the disciplines of artificial intelligence (AI) and animal studies have been extensively studied from different angles: developing biologically inspired AI, modeling animal behaviour, interaction and cognition, and building robotic animals are just some examples of the current thrust to explore the multifaceted connections between organic and artificial life. However, while there has been a strong focus on the emulation of biological models in computing, the connections between AI and animal welfare have received much less attention. The aim of this symposium is to explore these connections. We will take a bi-directional approach that brings together scholars from both AI and animal related disciplines who are interested in harnessing AI methodologies and tools for improving animal welfare. We welcome both empirical and conceptual works that:
  1. take an AI perspective if the research is grounded in animal studies, or
  2. take an animal welfare perspective if grounded in AI or related fields.
Theoretical frameworks, experimental research and tool demonstrations are appropriate.  This novel symposium will be a foundational touchstone based on which scholars across AI, veterinary science, applied ethology, ecology, biology and other cognate fields can begin to build a new discourse.