Embodied vs. Simulated Behaviour and Cognition: What could Robotics contribute to Language Sciences?

Organising Committee
  1. Katerina Pastra
  2. Stephen Cowley
  3. Nikos Mavridis
Date: Friday 4th April Website: http://www.csri.gr/index.php/en/news/128-aisb50-embosim.html Description:
This symposium will focus on the embodiment vs. simulation debate, exploring the strengths, limitations, and contributions of these approaches in exploring behaviour, language and cognition. Our aim is to use the outcomes to develop optimal ways of exploring complex phenomena such as human behaviour and cognition. Highlighting the complexity of coordinated behaviour the symposium will give special weight to language and, specifically, how it is integrated with action and perception. Could viewing language as a coordination device benefit from the use of embodied platforms? What is/has been the role of simulation in language studies? Could whole-body human coordination in which wordings play a part, become the central "object" of enquiry in the language sciences?